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Available for:

  • Cinematographer
  • Camera Operator
  • 1st Assistant Camera
  • 2nd Assistant Camera

(Los Angeles based, fully vaccinated, up-to-date passport)

Gear List (plus experience using ALEXAs and REDs - access to affordable rental options):

  • Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K [EF (Canon) Mount¬† - with three 256GB cards, Lexar usb3 card reader, 2 V-mount batteries]
  • Blackmagic Pocket 6K Dual-ISO Camera, EF mount
  • Blackmagic Pocket 4K Dual-ISO Camera, MFT mount
  • Canon 5D mark II
  • Blackmagic 4K Video Assist monitor
  • Tilta Nano Remote Follow Focus
  • DJI RS2 Pro gimbal
  • Edelkrone SliderPLUS Long 1.3' Motorized Slider with panning HeadONE
  • Lenses:
    Rokinon Cine 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm; Zeiss 50mm Photo lens [f/1.4 Planar T ZE Series Lens]; Opteka 6.5mm fisheye; Sigma 100-105mm Macro
    IRONGLASS Soviet Anamorphake EF-mount lenses:  37mm/T2.8 MIR-1; 58mm/T2. Helios 44; 85/T2 Jupiter-9; 135mm/T3.5 Jupiter 37-A
    MFT: DZO 20-70mm T3.1 parfocal cinema zoom; Mieke 12mm
  • 4x4 Tiffen Filters: Linear Ultra Polarizer; Black Pro Mist 1/2; Warm Black Pro Mist 1; Fog 1; Clear/Tropic Blue Grad 3, Clear/Sunset Grad 2
    Tiffen 77mm screw-on filters: Black Pro Mist 1/2, Black Pro Mist 1/4, Black Pro Mist 1/8; Prism Lens FX kaleidoscope 77mm screw-on
  • Benro BV8 tripod; Tilta handheld/shoulder rig including 4x4 matte box


  • Kino Flo 4Bank 4' Gaffer 2-Light Kit w/lamps for 3200K and 5500K
  • Aputure LED light kit [3 HR-672 lights - one wide and one spot with soft diffusion boxes; and a bicolor that has 3200K-5500K color wheel]
  • Aputure MC 4-light RGB mini travel kit

Sound: (can recommend soundperson where needed)

  • Zoom F8 with ATV-Z8 Audio Tactical Vest
  • Zoom H6 Recorder / Zoom H4 Recorder
  • Two Rode Boom Mics / Boom pole
  • Four G3 Sennheiser Lavs


  • Three Matthews 40" C-Stands
  • Two sandbags
  • Two full apple boxes, one 1/2 apple box
  • fog machine


Selected Camera Resume

Camera Department - Feature Films/TV

  • Craving (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • Lizzie Lazarus (2022, Alexa Mini) 2nd AC
  • The Once and Future Smash (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • B & B (2020; Red Epic Dragon) Camera Operator
  • The Stalking Fields (2019; Red Epic Dragon) 1st AC (Tilta Nucleus)
  • Oh Boy - (2019; RED Epic Helium) First Assistant Camera (B Camera/Steadicam) (Preston)
  • 7 Days - (Chinese Production Action TV Show 2019 - Arri Alexa Mini) 1st AC (WCU-4)
  • Clickbait (2019; RED Epic Dragon/RED Scarlet Dragon/Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro) 2nd Unit DP/Camera Operator/Co-Director
  • Hedgehog (2017; Starring: Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer; Canon C300) 2nd AC
  • Blood of the Tribades (2017; Blackmagic Production 4K) Cinematographer
  • Astro (2018; Starring: Gary Daniels; Blackmagic Ursa Mini) Assistant Camera
  • Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018; Blackmagic Production 4K) Camera Operator
  • Wiles (2017; Starring: Vinicius Machado; Blackmagic Ursa Mini) Camera Operator

Select Short Films

  • Meat Friend (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • Memento Mori (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • Reel Trouble (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • Demon for Hire (2022, Blackmagic Pocket 5K) Director of Photography
  • Moon (2021, Alexa Mini LF) 1st AC
  • Russian Lullabies (2021, Amira) 1st AC
  • Sitting Duck (2021, Blackmagic Pocket 6k) Director of Photography
  • Shiny Diamonds (2020, Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Director of Photography
  • Tea Time (2020, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro) Director of Photography
  • Half-Cocked (2019, RED Epic) Director of Photography


  • Women of Rock Oral History Project: Shirley Manson, Terri Nunn, Brenda Lee, Alice Bag, Phranc, Donita Sparks, Lydia Lunch, JD Samson, Patty Schemel, Gail Ann Dorsey, Exene Cervenka, and more.

Music Videos

Cinematography Reel

My passion is directing/shooting genre film. I have years of experience of creating creepy, cool, and crazy films on an indie budget.
I love symmetry and surrealism, as well as colorful lighting and in-camera effects (split-diopters, star filters, kaleidoscopes and prisms - love it all!).

FEATURE FILMS - Cinematographer

Feature Film - Cinematographer

Feature Film - 2nd Unit DP/Camera Op

Feature Film - Director/Cinematographer

Feature Film - Director/Cinematographer

SHORT FILMS - Cinematographer

Shiny Diamonds


Meat Friend


Sitting Duck

Tea Time


Interview/Documentary - Camera Op/Sound

Interview/Documentary - Camera Op/Sound


Jimmy Eat World - "555"
MC Dirty D - "Jelly"
Anastasia Elfman - "Unhinged Valentine"
Lee DeWyze - "Paranoia"
Alice Bag - "Sister Dynamite"
Lee DeWyze - "Let Go"
Bring Us Your Women - "Triste"
Lee DeWyze - "The Breakdown"