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Available for:

  • Cinematographer
  • Camera Operator
  • 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller
  • 2nd Assistant Camera/Clapper

(Los Angeles based, fully vaccinated, up-to-date passport)

Gear List


    • Camera Bodies
      • RED Komodo 6K - RF/PL/EF Mounts
      • Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K - EF Mount
      • Blackmagic Pocket 6K Dual-ISO Camera - EF mount
      • Blackmagic Pocket 4K Dual-ISO Camera - MFT mount
      • Canon 5D mark II - EF Mount
    • Lenses
      • DZO Vespid Primes (PL): 25, 35, 50, 75, 90 (macro), 100, 125
      • RED Cine Pro (PL): 18mm
      • Rokinon Cine (EF): 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm
      • IRONGLASS Soviet Anamorphake (EF):  37mm/T2.8 MIR-1; 58mm/T2. Helios 44; 85/T2 Jupiter-9; 135mm/T3.5 Jupiter 37-A
      • DZO (MFT)  20-70mm T3.1 parfocal cinema zoom
      • Meike (MFT) 12mm
      • Zeiss 50mm Photo lens [f/1.4 Planar T ZE Series Lens, EF]
    • Filtration
      • 4x4 Tiffen Filters: ND .3, ND .6, Linear Ultra Polarizer, Black Pro Mist 1/2, Warm Black Pro Mist 1, Fog 1, Clear/Tropic Blue Grad 3, Clear/Sunset Grad 2
      • Tiffen 77mm screw-on filters: VND, Black Pro Mist 1/2, Black Pro Mist 1/4, Black Pro Mist 1/8
      • Prism Lens FX kaleidoscope 77mm, Prism Lens FX Linear 77mm
    • Tripod/Movement
      • DJI RS2 Pro gimbal
      • Edelkrone SliderPLUS Long 1.3' Motorized Slider with panning HeadONE
      • Benro BV8 tripod
      • Tilta handheld/shoulder rig including matte box
    • Misc
      • Teradek Bolt SDI/HDMI 1tx, 2rx
      • Teradek Bolt 300 HDMI (only)
      • Tilta Nano II wireless follow focus
      • Blackmagic 4K Video Assist monitor
      • Portkeys 5" monitor


  • Amaran 300c w/barn doors and soft dome - full RGB
  • Amaran 150c w/barn doors and soft dome - full RGB
  • Amaran Spotlight SE light modifier with Gobos
  • Amaran PT4c 2-Light Production Kit  (4' pixel tubes)
  • Kino Flo 4-Bank 4' Gaffer 2-Light Kit w/lamps for 3200K and 5500K
  • Aputure MC 4-light RGB mini travel kit

Sound: (can recommend soundperson where needed)

  • Zoom F8 Recorder w/ATV-Z8 Audio Tactical Vest
  • Zoom H6 Recorder
  • Two Rode Boom Mics / Boom pole
  • Sennheiser G4 Boom Wireless Transmitter/Receiver
  • Four G3 Sennheiser Lavs


  • Three Matthews 40" C-Stands
  • Two sandbags
  • Two full apple boxes, one 1/2 apple box
  • Fog machine, handheld Smoke Ninja (great for haze, dry ice and fog)


Selected Camera Resume

Director of Photography - Feature Films

Director of Photography - Short Films


Music Videos

Additional Camera Department

First Assistant Camera / Focus Puller: Human (2024), Degradable (2024), Wake Not the Dead (2023), Moon (2021), The Stalking Fields (2019)

Second Assistant Camera / Clapper: Lizzie Lazarus (2022), Astro (2018), Hedgehog (2017)

Camera Operator: B & B (2020), Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018), Wiles (2017)

Cinematography Reel

My passion is directing/shooting genre film. I have years of experience of creating creepy, cool, and crazy films on an indie budget.
I love symmetry and surrealism, as well as colorful lighting and in-camera effects (split-diopters, star filters, kaleidoscopes and prisms - love it all!).

FEATURE FILMS - Cinematographer

Feature Film - Cinematographer

Feature Film - 2nd Unit DP/Camera Op

Feature Film - Director/Cinematographer

Feature Film - Director/Cinematographer

SHORT FILMS - Cinematographer

STILL (trailer)

Sitting Duck


Slashercise Teaser

Tea Time

Meat Friend

Shiny Diamonds



Interview/Documentary - Cinematographer

Interview/Documentary - Cinematographer


Jimmy Eat World - "555"
MC Dirty D - "Jelly"
Anastasia Elfman - "Unhinged Valentine"
Lee DeWyze - "Paranoia"
Alice Bag - "Sister Dynamite"
Lee DeWyze - "Let Go"
Bring Us Your Women - "Triste"
Lee DeWyze - "The Breakdown"